Here is your IB-Style E-Learning Blogging Assignment. Please stop laughing and follow the instructions below—this will be a minor grade.

We are not in school today but in order to insure that we do not have to make up this lost educational opportunity on a scheduled day off, people with important jobs who are apparently smarter than we are have decided that we should make some academic moves which is made possible by the miracle of the Internet. Yes, yes, it is entirely possible that the disruption in our school schedule has also disrupted our Internet access, and so they have given us a full 7,200 minutes to submit our work. But, since you are reading this right now, the extension doesn’t apply to you. So, I regret the inconvenience, but please do this assignment today.

Below are several prompts that appeared in past years on the Paper 2 Exam; choose one and write a post in response based on the literary work we are currently reading. The normal length requirements apply.

For an extra five points, incorporate some reference to the cause of today’s interruption (snow, Martian invasion, Zombie Apocalypse, a Monkeypox outbreak, etc.) in your post. Underline the reference, please, for clarity.

Enjoy your day off, and here are your prompts:

  • A plot twist intrigues both writer and reader, but the seeds of that turn of events must be sown early to insure its plausibility. Discuss the ways in which our author has prepared you for these plot twists.
  • Readers are often enticed by the idiosyncratic or quirky narrator. Discuss how our author has crafted one such distinctive voice, and to what effect.
  • Discuss the presentation and function of a villain or anti-hero in the work we are currently studying.
  • Discuss the use and function of seemingly insignificant detail in the work we are studying now.
  • Discuss the method chosen by our author to open his/her works, and the effectiveness of this choice in establishing contact with the reader.


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