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What if Liomi was a young adult?


If Liomi was a young adult when the Jongas moved to New York, I feel that this would be a very different novel. Liomi is sidelined for a majority of the story, just a piece in the puzzle playing the role of the child the Jongas care for and want to provide a future for. We hardly see any of his actions causing major changes in the story, or get insight into what he thinks. After all he is only  a child and cannot grasp most of the events happening in this novel. As a young adult he would be old enough to understand the implications and weight of what they have done by moving to America. He would remember his life in Cameroon more vividly, and be able to grasp the differences between the two countries. I would hope to see a few chapters in his perspective and see that he does not think America is so golden. He could become more of a burden in taking college, costing more money, or he could help the family by staying home and taking care of the baby or getting another job. I could see him running off with Vince or causing drama by only Liomi being able to get a green card and his parents having to be sent back. Would he fight to stay in America, or return to Cameroon? Would the Jongas even have to leave? If faced with this challenge we would see which Liomi values more, his family or America. I feel like Liomi would not trust Bubakar and they would find a better lawyer. How would he feel about Clark and Cindy? I feel like he would be more judgemental about them for some reason. He would think highly of them but over time see the corruption and follow Vince. He will have strong family values so the likelihood of him running away with Vince to India is low. But would staying in America be more important to him than staying with his family? If he provided another source of income would that have impacted Jende’s choice to leave? Plus he would feel indebted to his parents for bringing him to this country, this land of opportunity. What if he found out about Clark’s cheating. If that would cause a rift between him and Jende or if he would side with him. How he would react to Jende when he saw him beating his mother. How would Liomi being older and more mature affect his role in the story. Would he try to fight back against his father, or would he think what he did was okay given Cameroonian culture? I would like to see him being a mirror of Vince, and finding out the truth about America before his parents and having some big build up. It would be interesting to have another point of view, especially one from a younger person and with a black sheep mindset to the main character’s point of view.