Here are the visuals we use to prompt discussions in class for your reference.

Beholdthe Dreamers! Off we go to a town so nice they named it twice…and a file so big there are two slideshows!

King Lear…is here.

Where’s Rodrigues hiding out? Track him in the Silence Slideshow.

We might not have time to meet all the Dubliners, but here’s the Slideshow.

Mrs. Dalloway. This is a difficult read, so we may be going slower than I would like; therefore, the questions may be out of sync with the pace we set in class. But we must soldier on! Here’s the Mrs D Slideshow.

The Remains of the Day. Read. Write. Learn. You know the drill by now. It’s all here, on the Mr Stevens Slideshow.

Our final unit will be Ian McEwan’s, Atonement. Here’s the Atonement Slideshow. And we’re done.

(But the May Exams await…)

An attic room: a place for Mr. Nigro's IB Seniors to ponder the emptiness at the heart of life.

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