Who is this Chelsea Girl??

Clark would come see me after a long day at work. He would come in looking mentally and emotionally tired. After all, the drama and issues going on at Lehman Brothers is what made him appear to be this way. I began to know after he visited quite a few times at Chelsea Hotel whether he had had a good day or work or whether we rather should not speak about it and go on with what he was ultimately at my place for. He came once or twice a week for an “appointment”. I hadn’t known Clark Edwards much until we began to connect when spending some time together. I did know, however, that he had a family back in Upper East Side. He briefly mentioned his children Mighty and Vince the first time we met. He has brought up his wife quite a few times though. Her name is Cindy Edwards. He made assure in our first “appointment” not to tell anyone that he was at my place in Chelsea or what goes down inside the room. You could tell his worry of his wife Cindy finding out that he had been sneaking to the hotel. I don’t know where his wife thought he was. Maybe she thought he had a super long day at work, was sleeping over in his office, or was running errands…whatever it may be that was not my business. I was here as Clark’s emotional support and somewhere where he could find happiness. His family issues and work issues have only grown on him and placed him under far more stress than he had ever anticipated. On the other hand, Clark is a gentleman I adore. His pleasant smile the first time he walked through the door and into my room immediately caught my eye. His work attire only made it better. His collared shirt and ties that changed week to week. Such things I looked forward to each week and even better getting to spend quality time with Clark. We would first sit there and talk about whatever we could to keep a conversation going. After a few minutes of conversation, me and Clark’s connection turned into something much more. His body so close to me, always gave me a warming feeling. The sweet cologne of his I could smell as it had not been rubbed off one bit after a day at work. Me and Clark’s relationship almost seemed too good to be true. Never did I want him to leave my hotel room. I would always whisper in his ear as he departed “See you soon Clark, thanks for tonight.” A couple times Clark would be in a hurry to leave my place. He never stayed more than an hour- maybe because he didn’t want his wife to become too worried or suspicious of Clark’s unusual hours out? The days Clark was soon to leave, he would forget about his tie that he came in wearing. There were surely multiple times when Clark had walked out wearing less clothing than he had walking in. I would keep his tie that was left until the next time we met. I was Clark’s source of happiness and he made sure to prove that to me during our time together. Chelsea Hotel was his way of getting away from everything and not focusing on anything but me. Clark Edwards is very important to me and our times together in Chelsea will always be cherished.

Unnamed Women <3

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