think that the last word of the book is “Home?” which reflects a big theme in the book. The Jongas tried so desperately to move to become American because of all the opportunities for their children and them. The Jongas felt that because America seemed to provide more opportunities and happiness for their family that Limbe could not be their home anymore. Their Idealistic view of the American dream leads them to move to America and to try to make it as immigrants. To achieve their dream of making it in America, the Jongas struggled and suffered. Living in America for some time made the Jongas see the opportunities that lay they started to make or rather they wanted to make America their home. This view however of the American Dream, however, wasn’t true so they weren’t able to make America their new home. America is a land of immigrants, yet we make it so hard for them to come in. It takes courage and determination to want to leave your home. A lot of these immigrants are hard-working people who want to receive the same opportunities we Americans have. We have so much that even people who don’t consider themselves well of would be considered rich by some immigrants. Immigrants and people of all races are what make America beautiful in my opinion because we can learn from each other, and they can be some valuable stuff learned from another culture. The Jongas however before being able to make America their home choose to leave because they had felt not wanted there anymore. America had betrayed the Jongas because even though they worked hard to make it they still weren’t able to become an American citizen. Since America had passed the Jongas buy they felt that they had to move back to Limbe because that wasn’t their home anymore.” Home” to the Jongas wasn’t just where the family was but where opportunities lay. Most of the time happiness cannot be achieved if they are no opportunities available. Newly Acquired money that would make the Jonga’s rich in Limbe is what made them feel like that could be their home again since the money could bring opportunities. This idea begs the question “What makes a place home?” Does a can one truly feel at home if there lay no opportunities there? Maybe another reason why Vince moved to India was that he felt that there he had more opportunities. Clark and Cindy in a way had been forcing Vince to become a lawyer and so really had no opportunities to be what he wanted to be. Vince might have felt that away from his family and America that he might have more opportunities and freedom to be what he wanted to be. A land of opportunity for the Jongas means earning the money to not only live a grand life but to provide a grand life for their children too. Opportunity for Vince just meant being able to be what he wanted to be instead of being forced to be something he didn’t in America.

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